Best UPS for PC in India with Price as on 2018

Best UPS for PC in India with Price as on 2018

UPS is a device to prevent losing your computer data by providing battery backup on power surges. If you are a professional or home user, everyone needs UPS for their computer data safety. Most of the professionals have already lost their unsaved work due to the sudden power cut. So, It is better to have an uninterruptible power supply device with your system. In this post, we provide a list of best UPS for Personal computer in India.

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iBall Nirantar UPS-621V 600VA UPS with Power Protection

  • Protects you from data loss
  • Up to 40 minutes* at a standard PC load with 18.5” LED monitor
  • Up to 3 Hours** with load of 4 Cameras and 1 x 4 CH DVR without Monitor
  • Battery backup may vary depending on the configuration of computer system and other devices connected to UPS.Under testing conditions with 1 x 4 CH DVR without HDD and Camera without IP enabled.
  • Compatible device list-PC, CCTV cameras & DVR system
  • Wide input voltage range Generator compatible
  • Automatic voltage regulator for Boost & Buck
  • Auto restart while AC recovery
  • Price – INR 2390



Intex Protector 725 UPS

  • Compact Size
  • Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
  • Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization
  • Auto restart while AC is recovering
  • No load auto shutdown
  • Simulated sine wave
  • Off-Mode charging & Cold start function
  • Price – INR 2399



Emerson Liebert iTON CX 600 VA Line Interactive UPS

  • Output power: 0.6 Kilo watts
  • Recharge time: 6 hr(s)
  • Waveform: simulated sine wave
  • UPS type: line interactive
  • Segment: home
  • Price – INR 2700



APC BX600C-IN 600VA, 230V Back UPS

  • Contemporary design
  • Compact size
  • High speed charging
  • Easy to read display
  • BIS Certified
  • Battery Saver : Increases battery life upto two times.Experience consistent runtime through the battery life
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Price – INR 2714



APC BE700Y-IND 420-watt Back UPS (Black)

  • 700VA or 390 watts
  • 3 battery backed cum surge protected sockets, one surge only socket
  • Safely-shutdown your PC when battery runs out
  • Surge protection on all sockets
  • Built in AVR to ensure battery is conserved even during low or high voltage conditions
  • Very simple LED interface with audio alarms
  • User resettable thermal cutoff for overload protection
  • Price – INR 4999



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