Easy Keyboard Tutorial for Beginners in Indian Music Style,Part-1

Easy Keyboard Tutorial for Beginners in Indian Music Style,Part-1

This Keyboard Tutorial in Indian Style is made by HUMMING WOODS for beginners. We have kept the tutorial very simple so that a new comer to music can understand it easily.
According to our Indian Music, Our entire keyboard is divided into many white keys and black keys. You can see a pattern in the keyboard for the black keys. The Pattern is 2 Black – 3 Black , 2 Black – 3 Black , 2 Black – 3 Black

Out of those two black keys the first of the black key is called सा
So here I am giving you the total scale chart of
सा रे गा मा पा धा नि सा

After knowing the scale chart it is very important to know the fingering details. First we will start playing with right hand. Here is the fingering details of right hand.

The thumb is called – T
Index finger is called – 1
Middle finger is called – 2
Ring finger is called – 3
Little finger is called – 4
Now see the complete video for total playing instructions.
Its my request to all the beginners that don’t worry about the thing that it is impossible. Have faith and practice a lot. Till now after playing Keyboard since a long time I practice a every day. So take out time from your busy schedule and practice at least for an hour, if you are passionate about playing music. There is no Sutra (formula) or Key to learn music in the fast track. Its all depends on you, your dedication & your attitude that makes the learning fast.
Best Of Luck and Happy Playing

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13 thoughts on “Easy Keyboard Tutorial for Beginners in Indian Music Style,Part-1”

  1. Sir..I just got only 9 classes of keyboard tutorial where are rest of classes ??

    1. First of thanks a lot Ravi Ji for taking your precious time watching our videos.Till now we have only 9 classes shooted. Rest are on shooting & editing process. Will be live very soon. Till than Subscribe & Stay Tuned. Have a Great Time !!

  2. Dear Ashish
    I am very happy to find your tutorial on You tube.I have seen part one today..I will practice npw.
    Capt Sood

  3. Hello sir
    I’m very frustrated how to learn the piano. I think this is not possible. but after watching your videos my intrest is going on … Tnx again
    I hope I will do this task…. Tnx thnx Humming woods…

  4. I have no any keyboard so i want to purchase one piano which can use for learning as well as in program so what should be purchase range of rs 10000

  5. HELO SRI MENE apka teeing asas laga please 11 no mila he age 12 keisa milega please boliyna

  6. Mr. Ashis Kumar,
    Thank you very much for you lesson. I have no prior knowledge of playing key board. Your lesson was very easy to understand and follow. I am now your student and try to practise as much as I can and come back to your next lesson next week per your advice.
    Thank you and regards
    Bijali Sinha

  7. Hello sir this is Paresh vaghela
    I am very impressed ,I am so lucky to have good sir like you .thanks

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