Easy Keyboard Tutorial for Beginners in Indian Style,Part-5

Easy Keyboard Tutorial for Beginners in Indian Music Style,Part – 5

This Keyboard Tutorial in Indian Style is made by HUMMING WOODS for beginners. We have kept the tutorial very simple so that a new comer to music can understand it easily.

After viewing our previous videos, a question might be coming in your mind that, सा रे गा मा पा धा नि सा  is only  seven notes. But there are a lots of notes or keys present in the keyboard and might be used in songs. So what are the other keys present there. So lets get started to know all the keys in a Keyboard.

In this tutorial we will learn about the different types of SWAR (स्वर)

In Indian Music entire Keyboard is divided into the following SWAR (स्वर)

  • Sudha SWAR (शुद्ध स्वर)
  • Komal SWAR (कोमल स्वर)
  • Tivra SWAR (तीव्र स्वर)
  • Achal SWAR (अचल स्वर)

Normally  सा रे गा मा पा धा नि सा which we have elaborated in Lesson – 1 are called Sudha SWAR (शुद्ध स्वर)

Sudha SWAR (शुद्ध स्वर) are सा रे गा मा पा धा नि सा

Some Sudh SWAR has Komal also and they are 
रे\  गा\  धा\  नि\

As मा has no notes below it to be called as Komal so it has a Tivra SWAR and is denoted as मा/

As सा & पा has neither Komal Swar nor Tivra Swar so they are called Achal SWAR (अचल स्वर)

See the picture below to know how to write the different SWAR (स्वर) in Indian Music. This theory is important because it will help you to get familiar with all the notes of the Keyboard.


Kindly see the video above to get clarify in details of the music theory as discussed here.

There is no Sutra (formula) or Key to learn music in the fast track. Its all depends on you, your dedication & your attitude that makes the learning fast.
Best Of Luck and Happy Playing

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    1. Thanks a lot Finish Sahu bro for watching our videos.Hope to provide you with more informative videos in future. Till than Subscribe & Stay Tuned. Have a Great Time !!

  1. For Komal swar and tivra is there any finger notation that we can use like we did for the sudh swar

    1. Thanks a lot Vidya Ji for watching our videos.You can use the same finger notations for komal swars.For any further doubts do leave a comment. Regards

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