Easy Keyboard Tutorial for Beginners in Indian Style,Part-4

Easy Keyboard Tutorial for Beginners in Indian Music Style,Part – 4

This Keyboard Tutorial in Indian Style is made by HUMMING WOODS for beginners. We have kept the tutorial very simple so that a new comer to music can understand it easily.

In this lesson we will teach some basic finger practice with the same rhythm which has been taught in the previous class. This type of finger practice or Vocal practice is called Sargam (सरगम). Sargam (सरगम) is sung or practiced using the notes or singing the notes itself. In Hindustani music, sargam refers to singing the notes instead of the words of a composition, with use of various ornamentations. Here ornamentation refers to arranging the Swaras (स्वर) in different modules or assigning a syllables to pitches. If you have not seen the previous class video than kindly click the link below.

Tutorial Part-2

The rhythm used here is called WALTZ. The counting system is well shown in our Tutorial Part-2.

The notation for the above Sargam (सरगम) played in the video goes like this

Aroha (ascent) or आरोह 

सा रे गारे गा मागा मा पामा पा धा  | पा धा निधा नि सा| 

Avroha (descent) or अवरोह 

सा| नि धानि धा पा | धा पा मा | पा मा गा | मा गा रेगा रे सा 

Kindly follow the video for the technique to play the above mention notes. It is clearly shown above.

There is no Sutra (formula) or Key to learn music in the fast track. Its all depends on you, your dedication & your attitude that makes the learning fast.
Best Of Luck and Happy Playing

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