How to Sync Audio in Post??

How to Sync Audio in Post ??

Hey Friends !! here we are back with another episode on FILMMAKING. Having seen our previous episode on “How to use Smartphone as a Voice Recorder-Filmaking” , many of our viewers had asked that using smartphone as voice recorder is a good option to get great audio but How to Sync Audio in Post ?? This is a normal question & challenge for budding filmmakers or video content creator. You have got two audio tracks. A scratch/reference audio from your camera and an audio from your recorder. And they had asked for a solution. So here are the possible & easiest solution that we have figure out.

HEY !! Don’t fear that we will give the solution that will cost you more bucks or ruin your bank account. Stay Calm !! We will start from the PRO’s to the DIY’s. All you need is a PC/LAPTOP and any Non-Linear Editing Software.

TIP – 1

In professional film & video production normally a Clapper Board is used. Now you want to know what is a clapper board ?? A clapperboard is a device used in filmmaking and video production to assist in the synchronizing of picture and sound, and to designate and mark particular scenes and takes recorded during a production. It helps in easily detect scenes and some reference to streamline the editing workflow.

But you might have noticed that for every scene the clapper board is tap strongly to make a tapping sound. For WHY ??

This is because in professional productions, the use dedicated sound recorder to record the audio separately. As I have told you they use two audio files on set. One that is directly from the camera & the other from the sound recorder. So by making a loud tapping sound on the board it will create a peak wave in both device i.e. camera & sound recorder. Now the peak is used as the reference point to Sync the Audio In Post.

TIP – 2

If you don’t want to spend some money on a new clapper board and in tight budget, than this is also an alternative for you. I have used it many times and just believe it works amazing.

For syncing audio in post you need a clap sound as a reference point. So just make a single clap before each scene with your hands. It will also create a peak wave. Just take it and sync it. Boom !! Magic Happens.

To know the detail instructions in depth on How to Sync Audio in Post, kindly see the full video above. Till than KEEP CLICKING , KEEP INSPIRING

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