Indian SWAR & Western Music Notes, Keyboard Tutorial Part – 10

Easy Keyboard Tutorial for Beginners in Indian Music Style,Part – 10

This Keyboard Tutorial in Indian Style is made by HUMMING WOODS for beginners. We have kept the tutorial very simple so that a new comer to music can understand it easily.

In this tutorial we will study about the relation of Indian Music Notes called SWAR (स्वर) with Western Music Notes. This is a mandatory stage in learning Keyboard Lessons in Indian Style. This is used to recognize and to formulate different Chords for playing with songs. The Chords in Keyboard are mainly named after the Western Musical Notes. So to Co-relate the notes with both the forms is very important.

Kindly see the Keyboard Diagram BelowKeyboard Layout

In our earlier classes we have already taught you how to play
सा रे गा मा पा धा नि सा

If you have not seen that class click here to to see Keyboard Tutorial – 1

By seeing the above image diagram lets figure out the western notes for Indian Sa,Re,Ga,Ma . . . . .

सा    रे   गा   मा   पा   धा   नि   सा
C#    D#    F      F#     G#    Bb     C      C#

So by this way we can identify Indian Swar with Western Notes.

Kindly follow the video demonstration for better understanding.It is clearly shown above. Please make it a count to remember all the details given in the above diagram and put a snapshot in you brain for further playing of Keyboard. You will need it very often either you are practicing or performing somewhere. This will be very helpful in learning Chords and Playing chords accompanied with songs or composition of new tunes.

There is no Sutra (formula) or Key to learn music in the fast track. Its all depends on you, your dedication & your attitude that makes the learning fast.
Best Of Luck and Happy Playing

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4 thoughts on “Indian SWAR & Western Music Notes, Keyboard Tutorial Part – 10”

  1. Ashish you are wonderful I have a passion to learn keyboard from childhood but due to unavoidable circumstances I couldn’t set my direction to piano ! Recently I gifted a Yamaha keyboard to my grandson who is now learning piano ! After gifting I got an wi fi device only to learn n seen Yiu in the humming wood ! Taking all theory notes before buying another keyboard Thanks Ashis , you are great n contributing music to music lovers N music is actual spirituality! Keep going

    1. Thanks a lot for all the appreciating and lovable words. This means a lot to me. Hope to provide you with more valuable information in future. Regards

  2. At first appreciate your work.all you have done great job.i have seen all your tutorial part up to 11. but after that l have not find any part.sir please upload the next part.thanks

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