Easy Keyboard Tutorial for Beginners in Indian Style,Part-11

Easy Keyboard Tutorial for Beginners in Indian Music Style,Part – 11

This Keyboard Tutorial in Indian Style is made by HUMMING WOODS for beginners. We have kept the tutorial very simple so that a new comer to music can understand it easily.

In this tutorial we will show you some finger practice lessons on keyboard. Finger practice are very much important to keep your keyboard playing hands in a form. It is just like a warm up. You all might have notice a thing that, whenever you go to the Gym or to play any sports, your coach first insist you to have some warm up workout. It is similar to that. Practicing this lesson will help you to open up all your finger so that your hands will move easily through the notes on keyboard. 

Now the question arises, what are the different types of finger practice involves in keyboard playing. In our Indian Music the different types or variation of SWAR (स्वर) are generally used for practicing, both for vocals & instruments. They are called SARGAM (सरगम).

So the notation of the SARGAM used in the above video is given below

Aroha (ascent) or आरोह 

रेसा  गारे  मागा  पामा  धापा  निधा  सा|नि  रे|सा|

Avroha (descent) or अवरोह 

सा|रे|  निसा| धानि  पाधा  मापा  गामा  रेगा  सारे  निoसा

Kindly follow the video for the technique to play the above mention notes. It is clearly shown above.

There is no Sutra (formula) or Key to learn music in the fast track. Its all depends on you, your dedication & your attitude that makes the learning fast.
Best Of Luck and Happy Playing

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21 thoughts on “Easy Keyboard Tutorial for Beginners in Indian Style,Part-11”

      1. Thanks a lot ashish sir for your good work.sir i am waiting for 12th lesson video for a long time so i request you to upload the new lesson as soon as possible.
        Thank you

    1. Thanks a lot for watching our videos. We are in a process of making our forthcoming videos. Will be live very soon on Youtube & our website. Till than Subscribe & Stay Tuned.Thanks for Co-operating.Have a Great Time !!

  1. First of all many thanks for providing valuable technique. I have learnt a lot. But what about the person playing with left hand. Normally chords are played with left hand. So what technique is to be used for lefthanders. Hope for an early response. Thanx again. SEHGAL

    1. I understand your query brother. We will soon try to figure it out and provide you with a valuable solution. Till than Subscribe & Stay Tuned. Have a Great Time !!

  2. सबसे पहले में आशीष सर और हमिंगवुड टीम को धन्यवाद कहना चाहूंगा । हमिंगवुड टीम का कार्य सच मे तारीफ़ ए काबिल है।बहोत सारे लोगो के साथ मुझे बी आपके नए वीडियो का इंतजार रहता हैं। हम आपके बिजी शेड्युल को समझ सकते हैं बहोत मुश्किल से आपको वक्त मिलता होंगा नए वीडियो बनाने। और हम ये उम्मीद करते है कि आप हमारा पियानो बजाने का सपना जल्द ही पूरा करोंगे।

    1. Thanks a lot Ujwal Ji for the valuable words. These words really means a lot to us.These words are really the motivating force behind our movement.Will definitely continue uploading tutorial on Youtube & its theory on our website. Till Than Subscribe & Stay Tuned. Have a Great Time.

  3. Sir and team,
    All of the videos are very insightful. It has helped me to get in flow. I am desperately waiting for the 12th lesson.

  4. Hiii ashish sir, myself krishan kumar from rewari haryana. I am having this dream of learning keyboard since a long ago. I hve seen ur tutorial first time today n i am highly inspired by your video. Now i want to purchase a keyboard. As you are keyboard guru so can you plz suggest me that which keyboard i should buy as a beginner. Thanking u sir.

  5. Hi.Mr.Ashish Kumar.I have started to play on the keyboard your lessons 1to3 so for. I watch your viodes on YouTube.I have a strong love for music in our Indian style . Help me to fulfill my wish in keyboard playing. Regards . Kiran singh.

  6. Dear sir..thanx for your piano tutorials, i used to watch them on regular basis…meri aap se ek request h ki aap ek aisa series bnaaye jisme ear training k baare m btaya jaaye ya ye btaya jaaye ki ek bigggner apne ears ko step by step kis trah ki exercises k through itna devlope kar paaye ki wo kisi bhi gaane ko live sunkar instantly uska notation nikaal bhi sake aur use live play bhi kar sake…keyboard ko operate karne ke basics aapne sikhaaye hai aur hamne sikhe bhi hai lakeen un basics se sirf unhi songs ko hum play kar skate hai jiska notation hume btaya gya ho ya yu kahe ki hum apne man se koi bhi song randomly play nhi kar paa rhe kyonki hume sur ki pehchaan nhi h isliye song ka notation pta nhi chal pata…you tube p jyadatar videos me is topic p jyada kuch nhi bataya gya hai isliye meri aapse ye request h ki aap iske upper puri ek series bnaaye jisme notaition pta karne k liye starting se perfection tak sab kuch step by step sikhaaya jaaye..thank you

    1. Thanks a lot Akshya Ji for watching our Tutorials. Definitely we will be posting some useful lessons in future. These loving words means a lot to us. Regards

  7. मैं, आशीष सर को बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद देना चाहता हूँ, जो अपना बहुमूल्य समय देकर हमें पियानो सीखने के गुणों के बारे में बता रहे हैं.

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