How to Make Short Films for Beginners

Hey Friends !! Lets Explore the Worlds of Film Making

Before reading this article I would like to clear the concept that we will basically focus on Film Making that you can easily understand & suits your budget. film making with a huge cast & crew is possible but what if you are a single man band & have a tight budget. So all the Tips & Tricks that we will be explaining in our forthcoming episodes will be easily done at your budget without much exploding your banks.

Films are a powerful medium of expressing things. With a right concept & script and a team of enthusiastic players you are ready to rock the floor. The most important part of film making is the passion to tell a story with pictures. This art is called VISUAL STORYTELLING.
Films create a direct impact on the society. In a dark theater you have an undivided attention of your viewers. So lets entertain them, motivate them, make them laugh & cry. It is one of the most powerful medium ever.

Now a viral trend has been realized all over the world i.e Short Films. Most of the eminent production houses & filmmakers are onto this trend. This is a boost to the newbies those who want to pursue a career in the world of films.They can showcase their talents in different fields in the productions.

By the evolving trend of technology, now the process are a bit simplified. So the simplified process of making a film by the use of latest trends will be elaborated here by a series of Filmaking Episodes that are coming in near future by HUMMING WOODS.

But, How to Make a Featured/Short Films ?? – This is an important Question. Don’t worry friends, in this topic we will be covering the basic 5 steps of a film startup. In our forthcoming episodes we will be covering every aspects of films and its production process.

Let me explain the basic 5 steps of Film Making : 

  • Concept & Storytelling
  • Gearing up to shoot your film
  • Starting the production of your film
  • Completing your film in Post-Production
  • Releasing your film

This is the most vital part of making a film. In this part you will be choosing a genre & concept for your film. There are various genres like Comedy, Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-fi etc. After having a concept in your mind you will be giving it a shape and size with the help of your writing team. In our forthcoming episodes we will be introducing you to different Software for script writing both free and paid.

This part will be about finance,budgeting & scheduling the film. After that you will be selecting location as per your script which is called location scouting. After finalizing your locations you will be selecting actors who will who will bring life to the characters in your screenplay. In between this process you will also be organizing your ideas for your shots on paper in the form of sketched images called storyboards.

In this part we will be introducing you to the different types of Cameras & Lenses you will be using to shoot your film. Their handling & techniques. Than the most important aspect is using proper lighting & sound and their process.

In this part we will be introducing you to the world of Non-Linear Editing & Compositing Softwares. You will learn the basics of editing,sound designing,background scores,foley sounds, color correction & grading to achieve the look you want. I think we are missing a very interesting thing of post workflow i.e VFX.

After completing all the production process, its time to release your film to audience. Without which no one will ever see your masterpiece,and your investors will never make their investment back. In this step we will be discussing about the different methods & process to release you films.

So friends hope you like my article. This is only a brief discussion about the steps. All the steps will be revealed about the Film Production Process.

More to come, Stay Tuned !!

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