TOP 10 Rules for Success & setting Smart Goals

Top 10 Rules for Success & setting Smart Goals

Rules for Success are nothing but some habits in our day to day life that need to be polished. No one is born a success, but everyone has the potential to become one. As Will Smith once said, “Greatness is not this wonderful, esoteric, elusive god-like feature that only the special among us will ever taste. It’s something that truly exists in all of us.” 

Not there yet? It might help to tap into some of the principles a few of the “already-greats” have used to dictate their own lives. While there is certainly no single road to success, there do seem to be some distinct, guiding blueprints to getting there. Find 10 guidelines or we call it the Top 10 Rules for Success, for tapping into your innate greatness below.

1. Don’t waste Time :

The most important advice that we can give based upon our understanding is don’t sit idle. Sitting idle is just a wasting of time. Do something now and then to keep yourself engaged.

2. Practice makes us Perfect :

When you do something there may be two outcomes. Either you will succeed or you will fail. So whether you succeed or you fail, you need to let it go and build on practicing again. Because there is a saying, Practice makes a Man Perfect.

3. Keep Moving Forward :

Make mistakes but learn from it. Do the right things in your life but don’t stick to it. By doing right thing or achieving your dreams, don’t raise your ego. Just grow out of it. This is the important rules for success that moves you forward.

4. Adapt to change Quickly :

Only that thing is stable in the world which accept the changes around it and adapt itself to the changes by modifying himself or herself. This modification is called the Creativity. When situation changes, changing our self at a pace is creativity.

5. Be happy in all Situations :

It doesn’t matter what you do or why you do it. If you have the basic nature is to remain happy than you will remain happy all the time even if you are placed in a mountain with a wired house. And if your basic nature is to remain unhappy you will remain upset all the time. Even if you will be provided with a palace with all facility, you will feel like a jail inside it. So you have to decide what should be your basic nature.

6. Honesty is the key to Success : 

Always keep your intentions honest. Honesty, the most important rule for success. If you have honesty, what can you except more in communication skill. If you do not have the power to speak, but you are honest, than the front person will feel the vibes & positive energy of yours. If you have right intentions than it will reflect in your eyes.

7. Attitude is Everything :

There is nothing big in a career. It is up to you to take that career option to the big level you want to. For example scrap yard. You can find millionaire scrap yard owners also. It is only the difference in vision. What you are seeing towards. The entrepreneurs that you are seeing successful today have a differ vision. What is the difference let me tell you. What we think that if some big opportunity will come than I will be able to achieve that big fame. And wait for the never coming opportunity. But we never thought for a moment that every big thing starts from a tiny particle.

8. Focus on your Strengths : 

Some people think that being successful in life means never distract from life, never fail in life, never make any mistakes in life. But this is our wrong assumptions. The successful person that you are seeing today do a lots of mistakes than you and me. But the difference is that they highly focus on their right things a lot.

9. Believe in Yourself : 

It is not important what you are saying or showing the world. The thing that is important is what you say to yourself when you are alone. The thing which you say to yourself 24 hrs, is the thing that happens to you. It is because you think at that level, you act at that level & your achievements will be of that level.

10. Never Give Up : 

I will go by my choice. Either I will not do a work or if I choose to do something, than failure is not an option for me. I will give my 100% to that work. Despite I fail 1000 times but in 1001 term, I will make such an entry that the world will see. This should be your spirit.

So friends, Never give up. I think that these 10 Rules of Success will help you to decide & gives a new dimension to your life.

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