Sambalpuri Dance Performance by Kids of Vedic International School

We have an opportunity to visit Vedic International School,Sambalpur, on their Annual Day Function. This is a glimpse of the Sambalpuri Dance performed by small kids. We salute the effort of these amazing kids.

So you might be intrested to know what is SAMBALPURI DANCE. Lets jumpin to know what is SAMBALPUR & SAMBALPURI DANCE.

SAMBALPUR is a city situated  in the eastern state of Odisha in India, and is one of the largest and oldest cities in Odisha.

SAMBALPURI DANCE is an internationally acclaimed folk dance with its popularity all over the world.It has a wide reach. Most of the community dances are connected with a function or the worship of a deity.

The dance accompanied with a Sambalpuri song and its instruments like DHOL, NISAN, TASA, MUHURI, MADAL etc. , can make your feet tap by itself. You can’t control yourself to dance after hearing.

Apart from music the dance is very attractive due to the colorful costumes of the dancers. The main attraction is the Sambalpuri Saree worn with different ornaments called KATRIA,BANDRIA etc. If you happens to visit Sambalpur, take your time to see the Dance here.

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