How to use Smartphone as a Voice Recorder

How to use Smartphone as a Voice Recorder

Hey Friends !! here we are back with another episode on FILMMAKING. Having seen our previous episode on “How to Make Videos With Your Mobile Phone-Filmaking” , many of our viewers had asked that recording video with a smartphone is pretty good, but the audio was a bit creepy and catches a lots of surround noise, which in return ruins the entire video footage. And they had asked for a solution. So here are the possible solutions that we have figure out.

HEY !! Don’t fear that we will give the solution that will cost you more bucks or ruin your bank account. Stay Calm !! We will start from the PRO’s to the DIY’s.

TIP – 1
Use of a Lapel Mic Or Lavelliar e.g Rode SMARTLAVPLUS Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones. You can attach it directly to your Smartphone to get Crystal,Crisp Audio. View the details specification of this product at

This microphone will cost you around INR 4546 & around USD 70.57 at the time I am writing this article. If you want to use this lapel mic with your smartphone, having your phone as a dedicated voice recorder than you can use an APP called Rode REC.This may be pricey if you are on a budget. For budget Lapel Mic, lets jump over to TIP – 2

TIP – 2
This one is the DIY trick that I want to tell you.If you are on a budget and want to improve the sound quality of your smartphone voice recorder than you can simply use the handsfree set provided with your Smartphone or you can buy it online. Check out the handsfree sets specification here
Philips SHE1455BK In-Ear Headphone With Mic

This Handsfree set will cost you around INR 363 & around USD 5.6 at the time I am writing this article.
But the vital part most of you have asked me is the ambient noise. You might have noticed that while recording video with your smartphone some unnecessary wind noise totally ruin the video. So how to tackle that. Its simple,easy and free to achieve with some household items. Refer to the Video above.

But, it might feel awkward some times that the headphone wires are hanging around in your video. To get rid of this problem there is a trick. For that you require two smartphones. You can easily borrow it from one of your friend or crew members. How to use ?? Follow the simple Steps I am giving below.

  • First of all you need to install an App called Rec Forge Lite in your android hand set.This App has a lots more functionality than your regular default smartphone audio / voice recorder.
  • After loading this App, connect the hands-free set to the phone. Now you can use this phone as a dedicated voice recorder to record your audio.
  • Now you can use the second phone to record Video.
    After recording all your footage you can take them to your editing suite and sync the audio in post. How to Sync Audio in post ?? This will be given in our forthcoming episode.

NB: Make sure to start the both App at the same time.

To know the detail instructions in depth kindly see the full video above. Till than KEEP CLICKING , KEEP INSPIRING

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